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Private Limited Liability Company Agro Challenges Corporation is headquartered in Abomey-Calavi, Republic of Benin. Our activities are focused around agriculture, and are intended to make of this sector a pillar of socio-economic development, so as to address challenges such as youth unemployment, access of small producers to market, technologies and inputs.


Be a lead enterprise in the socio-economic transformation of the agricultural sector.


  • Contribute to the training of highly qualified human resources, with outstanding leadership for driving changes in the agricultural sector;
  • Invest in innovative and green systems of production, for improved food and nutrition security;
  • Strengthen the capabilities of small producers through innovative solutions for access to factors of production, access to market and advisory services.
  • Offer quality service to support the creation and management of small and micro-enterprises, for a flourishing agricultural economy.
  • Participate to local development by generating decision support tools for policy makers.


The culture of quality is a fundamental value of Agro Challenges Corporation, and is intended to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations. Listening to our clients enable us to propose customized products in a timely and cost-effective manner.